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In this area is information about various pins or events from the world of figure skating. Where possible, the source has been cited; in other instances, the information has been gathered over my more than 20 years of collecting, all from highly reliable sources.

U.S. National Championships

  • The first U.S. Nationals pin produced was 1958 Minneapolis. (Source: United States Figure Skating Association)
  • The only sterling silver Nationals pin issued was 1965 Lake Placid.
  • The rarest U.S. Nationals pin is 1975 Oakland; the pin was made only for skaters and officials and was not sold at the event. In fact, the pin wasn't ready in time for distribution at the event, so it was later mailed to officials and competitors. (Source: [1] Retired USFSA official and [2] Hal Marron, former National competitor and currently a USFSA judge)
  • The first U.S. Nationals pin featuring a mascot was issued in 1982 Indianapolis; the mascot was Shivers the Penguin; a 1981 San Diego U.S. Nationals pin featuring a figure-skating Snoopy was issued, but Snoopy was not the event mascot.
  • The 1986 Uniondale, New York, Nationals featured two logo pins and a mascot pin; the logo pins were identical in every way except one also featured the "Bucky The Beaver" mascot superimposed on the bottom half of the pin.
  • No pins were produced to commemorate the U.S. National Championships in 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1971 or 1972. (Source: United States Figure Skating Association)

European Championships

  • The pin to commemorate the 1980 European Championships (Gothenburg, Sweden) did not arrive from the manufacturer until the event was over; according to well-connected sources, the pins were subsequently destroyed. The design of the pin was identical to the pin that commemorated the 1976 World Figure Skating Championships, also held in Gothenburg.
  • No pin was issued to commemorate the 1978 Strasbourg, France, European Championships. (Source: Federation Francais des Sports du Glace)
  • The 1979 Zagreb, Yugoslavia, European Championships featured a small stickpin with the event's logo as the main design. The pin was issued in three colors: gold, silver and bronze.
  • Unofficially, the 1970 Leningrad, USSR, European Championships has issued the most pins of any figure skating event. I personally have 15 different pins commemorating this event.
  • Once again, a European Championships held in Leningrad, USSR -- this time in 1990 -- issued a large number of commemorative pins. My collection contains 9 different pins.

World Championships

  • The 1972 Calgary, Canada, World Championships were commemorated by a colorful orange pin -- but it was given only to skaters and officials. (Source: Retired U.S. World judge)
  • When the 1961 World Championships scheduled for Prague, Czechoslovakia, were cancelled following the death of the entire U.S. figure skating team in a plane crash, sources say all the event pins were destroyed. However, several of these pins have surfaced over the years. This is likely the most valuable World Championships pin. (See the exhibit in the World Gallery for two of these pins.) (Source: Retired USFSA official)
  • The 1967 Vienna, Austria, World Championships were commemorated with several pins -- a main logo pin, as well as special-issue pins for the ISU, the media (press and photographers), and event officials to name a few. Additionally, the 1967 event coincided with the 100th anniversary of the Skating Club of Vienna (Wiener Eislauf Verein).
  • The pins commemorating the 1982 Copenhagen, Denmark, World Championships were sold out on the second day of the event. Because the pins -- available in black or white -- were high-quality cloisonne ones, more pins could not be produced quickly. To meet the demand for pins made by collectors, a silk-screened pin was produced and sold at the event in subsequent days. The original cloisonne pins are highly desired by collectors. (Source: Dansk Skøjte Union)
  • The 1984 Ottawa, Canada, World Championships were commemorated by at least 9 different pins -- including special-issue pins given to the organizing committee, volunteers, and the media.

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