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The World Gallery.

Through the years, the World Championships have been commemorated with some of the most creative and distinctive pins.

Many special-issue pins -- an official's or competitor's pin -- will be featured in this gallery, along with standard logo pins that are well-known to collectors; special-issue pins are designated by a description. Limited in number and produced only for officials, special-issue pins generally are larger in size and often are more complex in design than the standard logo pin.

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For convenience, the term "official" is used throughout this website to encompass all types of special-issue pins: those given to competitors, organizers, ISU representatives, media, guests, and so on. All pins on display at The Netropolitan are from the private collection of The Curator. Pins are shown at actual size, unless otherwise noted. In some instances, because of the small size of a pin, it may be difficult to easily read the year or venue; for this reason, each pin is titled with this information on the exhibit.

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